September 27, 2011

ULTRA's Night Out

   An entrancing evening at ULTRA Fashion Flashmob last Saturday with the coolest fashion people in town. It was entertaining to get dressed up and tried on (almost all of) those sustainable core pieces, as I was just too happy with my newly-wedded Angel's dress.

Hungriness came, we gathered for a quick late dinner that felt more like a Supper after the party that ended at 4 in the morning. Everyone seemed so full and it was around 11-ish, I assumed that we finally headed to the next stop, Daikanyama, Changkat.

 Jam was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. when we reached this flashing light midnight area. Was pretty much crowded and my over-floored dress was all over the floor (Heh?). Ok anyway, I did get to excite myself with people surrounded and it was good to drop off all those working ambiance energies in to one jug of Long Island. 

(From Leftt-Right)
Farah Mior, Anita Hawkins, Adrien Oliver, Sueann Chong, Molly Halim, Tengku Syahmi, Chanela Jamidah, Dimaz Vinno, Natalie Zainal, The Idan, Alan Ooi, Eka Nazwha, Momo, Raja Susrina, Mohd Al Muzzir, Ezzati Amira, Joe Chia, Jonny Lee, Jiji Ithin.


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